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Moving with Kids? How to determine if the school is a good fit

Moving with little ones comes with its own considerations, especially if they will be entering a new school system. You love your kids and want to ensure they are going to thrive in their new environment. How can you make sure you’re picking a great home and a great school? I’ve compiled a list of things to consider when checking out schools for your little one.

  1. - this is a great resource to get information about the school's academics, equity, and environment. Enter the zip code into the search bar on the home screen, then select the school that your future home is zoned for to get information about the school's performance. Great for at a glance information as you compare homes while keeping the littles in mind.

  2. Meet the principal — set up a time to meet with the principal. Get a feel for how she’s running the school, the areas that she’s focusing her time and attention on, and the programs available for students to participate in. Is the school focused on academics and sports? Do they favor one or the other? Does the school encourage social and emotional development? Based on your conversation with the principal, do you see a path available for your child to thrive?

  3. Activities - children have all types of interests; are your child's interests represented in the school offerings? Check to see if there are options that support both academic and sports-related activities. If there are, make sure that your child's interest is provided with the support it needs to succeed. Is there a faculty member assigned to the activity and are they invested in seeing it grow? You want to ensure that the activities your child is interested in pursuing is actually supported and not just given lip service.

  4. How about the other parents - Is there an active parent association at the school? Are they meeting regularly and are their voices heard and responded to by the school? Parent involvement goes a long way in student success.

  5. Tour the school - Trust your gut on this one. How do you feel when you walk into the school? Is the school cared for and you're greeted with staff that seems to have positive feelings toward their job, the students, and the school system? Your child will spend a large part of their day in this building, make sure it’s safe for them emotionally, physically, and academically. How about the current students? Do they seem happy and engage? If they seem genuinely happy to be there, that's a good sign!

  6. Teachers and Staff - Spend time chatting with the teachers and staff. Are the class sizes to your liking? Are there academic support staff on-site like counselors and nurses? Do you notice if there are classes available for gifted and special needs students? Have conversations with teachers and staff to determine what they offer and their expertise.

Comment below with what you looked for when changing school districts!

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