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Brava Speaks

Brava Brokerage has dynamic and engaging programs centered in the real estate industry to cater to the needs of the audience.

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The Time is Now:  A guide to managing money and building wealth through real estate.

Use this time in your life to set yourself up for success. Kaysha discusses how to go from college grad to homeowner in this enlightening discussion. Students recieve a 100+ page book to set themselves up for success.

Investing in Multifamily Properties

You've heard about real estate providing passive income, but you aren't entirely sure how to make that happen. This offering provides the tools and information you need to know to find and finance your next great deal.

Modern Apartment Block

Passport to Real Estate - the Foreign National Program

Yes, Foreign Nationals can buy and invest in American real estate. The Foreign National program provides a path forward for those of us who are not US citizens. Great for international audiences - this offering provides information and materials to participants.

Real Estate as a Revenue Stream

Have you been thinking about entering the real estate industry? This offering discusses the ways in which you can create revenue streams through real estate.

Colleagues Working Together
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